background image Cécile Marti

Stone sculpting belongs to the second activity of the composer. "The process of 3D forming into the stone, is in my creation directly related to the sense of form in composing. The creation of transitions from line to plain, from curve to straight or from background to foreground is in constant change from tactile sense to sense of hearing".


Works have been created that bring both disciplines, music and sculpture, into direct connection, since 2017.

List of Works music and sculpture:

Forming Sculpture-Sculpting Process

For piano trio and one sculpture, 2017-2018

In Stein Gemeisselt

For string quartet and 26 sculptures, 2018-2019

Five Stages of a Sculpture

For two solo violas, ensemble and 5 sculptures, 2019-2020

Water Crystals

For violin, piano and 12 sculptures, 2020


For string quartet, film and one sculpture, 2021